Flynn Wealth Strategies & Insurance Solutions, Inc.
Why? Because we are a reflection of the good that came before us.
Why? Because you have paved the way for others.
Why? Because they depend on you.
Why? Because what you do makes you who you are.
Why? Because you care for your family as much as you care for your business.
Why? Because it is time to put yourself on the to do list.
Why? Because you are someone's hero.
Why? Because you have a vision for your future.

About Flynn Wealth Strategies

We help successful people and business owners crystallize their important financial, estate and business goals. We then design and implement creative, integrated solutions to help achieve them.

Our singular focus: To make sure the plans our clients implement reflect and advance their personal, family, business and community objectives. We endeavor to do so with passion and intensity.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Personal wealth management
  • Retirement planning
  • Business succession and exit planning
  • Executive benefit planning
  • Liquidity and insurance planning

The Flynn Wealth Strategies Difference – Our Process

We are different because we take the planning process beyond the numbers to focus on our clients' unique mission, values and goals. There are myriad things that keep them up at night; things like a desire for lifetime economic security, asset protection, transfering their core values to the next generation and more.

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What if you could organize all of your advisers and assets and consolidate them in the same place at the same time? A place where you could review all your financial accounts, copies of tax and legal documents, and specific goals and strategic plans – updated and organized, accessible whenever you want it? Our system consolidates your accounts, your assets, and your advisers into one secure location - your Personal Financial Homepage.

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